Final Prep for Tomandy Show

Another TimeFrom Another Time, the session with Kelly that was the inspiration for the series, to American Beauty, the final shoot a few weeks ago with Melanie, it’s been great. The project came together on it’s own, constantly evolving with the collaboration, dedication and creativity of all involved. Special moments from each session now interwoven to become a collection of images I could only imagine a year and half ago. Final prep is underway for the Tomandy Gallery show this weekend, all 20 pieces are framed and ready to be packed. Doing the last of the paperwork so I can deliver to Tomas on Thursday and we can hang for the weekend opening.

American Beauty

This project and the show at Tomandy has become special to me for another reason. As some of you know, we’ll be relocating to Greenville, SC, this summer. I haven’t done a solo show in Frederick for a couple of years, and Tomas has presented the opportunity for a farewell of sorts.

A reminder, the show opens Saturday 2/7, 6PM at Tomandy Gallery, 25 E Patrick ST, Frederick, MD. I hope you can come by (the weather should be good), but if not, the show will hang through February.

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