Alabama Hills, ’15

Alabama Hills SunriseJust returned from the Alabama Hills and Eastern Sierras with good friends Bill Earle, Beamie Young, Marc Nathenson and Evie Crocker. You are probably tired of our trips to the Alabama Hills, but it is one place you can visit and never tire. We did explore more of the Owens Valley this time, from Horseshoe Meadow to the Bristlecone Pines and many of the valleys in between.

For an added treat this trip, we joined local resident Laura Campbell, photographer & publisher of Looking Glass Magazine, for an afternoon of shooting on Owens Lake. If you’re unaware, Owens Lake is a “dry lake”, drained by the city of Los Angeles 100 years ago and a point of contention ever since. Images coming soon.

Sunrise, Alabama Hills

2 thoughts on “Alabama Hills, ’15

  1. Michael,

    I’m anxious to see more photos from your trip. Please keep me on your list of people who would like to go on your next trip.

    Hope all is going well with the new studio. (I heard something about a tornado some place down there. I trust you weren’t affected.)

    Cheers, dds

    _______________________ Dennis Steinauer


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