Newest in Paths that Cross Series


A couple of weeks ago I invited local model Hannah to come by and create some images for Paths that Cross. This is only a sampling of what we accomplished that first day, still untitled.  She has since been back for another shoot and so far it looks promising, too.

Erica’s Visit

Erica Jay recently ventured south to help me add some more images to Paths That Cross. Being at the mercy of Delta Airlines, what should have been a few days of leisurely shooting turned into one marathon day, but what a day!

Working with Erica, I always leave with much more than hoped, we filled in some blank spots in the project and took it to some new directions. And Erica is pure joy to work with, though you can’t really call it work.

A very successful day and can’t wait for another.

The Birthday


Marc, Bill, and Beamie waiting for the morning light in the Mesquite Dunes


Last fall four of us made our (almost) annual trek to Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra. Since we typically make the trip in the autumn the timing seems to usually coincide with someone’s birthday. This year it was my turn.

We spent three days in DV before finishing the week in Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills. As always, we spent the transition day’s lunch at Panamint Springs, enjoying a long, leisurely couple of hours soaking up the sun, watching the air show (compliments of China Lake), and indulging in Birthday Pie.

Four great days in the Hills, great shooting and good food, and it was time to head home.

To Beamie Young, Bill Earle and Marc Nathanson, three of the best friends one could ask for, thanks for a great week! And to Erica Jay, whom we got to introduce to this very special part of the American West, and Evie Voutsina, who made the drive from LA, having the two of you there made the week perfect.

Until next time…