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The last workshop we did at RED was with Erica Jay & Vinnie and what a way to wrap it up! Erica came down a day early and we were able to work out a few concepts for the workshop. Long over due, the session went very fast as we accomplished in a couple hours what could have been a day. That’s what happens when you work with a pro. And the workshop the following day was fantastic with all getting great images.

A couple more from my first shoot with Erica, there will be more:

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An Encaustic Weekend with Leah Macdonald

Ryan's Skirt, Encaustic, © Michael Pannier
Ryan’s Skirt, Photograph with Encaustic, © Michael Pannier

Several years ago I discovered the encaustic works of Leah Macdonald at Galerie BMG in Woodstock, New York. Two years ago I first attended a workshop with Leah, and returned for another last weekend at Leah’s studio near Philadelphia. You may know encaustic has become an intregal part of my current Another Time series, and I wanted to refine some aspects of the process.

I started the weekend at the Paul Strand show at the Philadelhia Museum of Art, thanks to Bill Earle. The five of us spent the next two days playing and experimenting with wax and paint, talking art and photography, sharing inspirations and food.

I often hear from peers they are beyond workshops, or don’t do workshops any more. Personaly, I can’t imagine a better way to spend time, with creative people sharing and inspiring, discovering new concepts and techniques with friends old and new, and coming home ideas flowing and anticipating new works.

Playing with Paper, the Creative Nude

M Pannier Workshops


Saturday 11/15/14, Shoot at RED Studio

This workshop is an opportunity to photograph the human form in original, imaginative settings we’ll create throughout the day. The photographers will have the ability to work with both fine art nude and fashion settings uilizing common items found in the studio. We’ll convert part of the studio at RED into a work zone to experiment with paper, foam board, and other items to construct multiple setups for the photographers and models to use.

Photographers will have the opportunity to experiment with several setups they have constructed and experiment with different lighting techniques to control and manipulate the idea. Photographers will work one-on-one and in teams with the models for six hours of shooting. Two professional models, Erica Jay, MM#2108801, and Laina Vandekieft, MM#2907440, will join us to inspire photographers of all levels of experience.

Registration to open soon

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