Across the lagoon from Hofn on the eastern coast of Iceland, is a spit of land, Stokksnes. Once the site of NATO radar installation, the black sand marshes and dunes on the leeward side present a unique and marvelous landscape to be discovered. The morning we visited it was cold, raining and foggy, but did not deter our exploration.

Getting Back to Normal


Between closing down RED, getting the house on the market, and beginning work on the SE Center for Photography there has not been time to do much else. Stole a couple hours last night to fire up the computer and work some lingering images. Here are a couple more Aurora from our Iceland trip, can’t wait to get back!


Journey to Iceland

Just back from our journey to Iceland to try to catch the Aurora Borealis before the summer sun. Traveling with good friends Bill Earle, Marc Nathanson & John Nelson, we met our guide, Olgier Andersson from Iceland Aurora Tours and started our trip to our base on the central, eastern coast.

0261-048fwExploring glaciers, waterfalls, and the black beaches for a couple of days, hoping the weather would break we saw our window 90 minutes away.

Driving south, we spotted the beginning of activity high in the evening sky. Pulling off to a clearing by the road, we set up for the evening as the once in a lifetime opportunity for the best light show in years unfolded before us. Thinking about that night and looking at the images we made, we wonder if it was real.

It was! 0261-208fw

An Encaustic Weekend with Leah Macdonald

Ryan's Skirt, Encaustic, © Michael Pannier
Ryan’s Skirt, Photograph with Encaustic, © Michael Pannier

Several years ago I discovered the encaustic works of Leah Macdonald at Galerie BMG in Woodstock, New York. Two years ago I first attended a workshop with Leah, and returned for another last weekend at Leah’s studio near Philadelphia. You may know encaustic has become an intregal part of my current Another Time series, and I wanted to refine some aspects of the process.

I started the weekend at the Paul Strand show at the Philadelhia Museum of Art, thanks to Bill Earle. The five of us spent the next two days playing and experimenting with wax and paint, talking art and photography, sharing inspirations and food.

I often hear from peers they are beyond workshops, or don’t do workshops any more. Personaly, I can’t imagine a better way to spend time, with creative people sharing and inspiring, discovering new concepts and techniques with friends old and new, and coming home ideas flowing and anticipating new works.

Manzanita and Boulders

Manzanita and Boulders, M Pannier

Searching the folders for some images to print for an upcoming workshop, I found a forgotten shoot with a few treasures among the files. Stopping at Lake Hemet reservoir in the San Jacinto Mountains for a quick hike, I became enamored by the manzanita. Larger than I had seen, their burgundy branches glowing against the granite boulders, growing where nothing should.

More from the Alabama Hills

Morning Light
Waiting for Sunrise

Since discovering the Alabama Hills several years ago I have absolutely fallen for for this mystical place. Located at the base of Mt Whitney and just outside the town of Lone Pine, the Hills provide a constant amazement and delight at every turn with compositions one can only imagine.

Any excuse and I’m back, happily wandering the trails, climbing the boulders, knowing more magic is just around the next turn.