Paths that Cross

Paths That Cross is a series of photographs inspired by Victorian photography, the artistry of painter Gustav Klimt, and the writings of Alain Robbe-Grillet. The combination of subject, textures, and objects in cool, muted tones creates a sense of timelessness where memories, dreams, and fantasy reside. Sets are constructed in the studio with selections of wardrobe and props that complement the model and evoke a narrative within the photographs. The ethereal quality of the images draws the viewer in while the subject’s gesture and body language combined with organic and man-made symbols evokes a sense of mystery – is this real or a dream? The suggested narrative, based on a blend of Norse and Grecian mythology, is a tale of life, the roads we take and the people we meet. The images are open to interpretation based on the viewer’s unique experience and memory.

Selected prints from Paths that Cross are processed as encaustics. Hot wax is poured onto the image, then scraped away and oil-based pigments then applied. The addition of encaustic adds another layer of meaning as a way of elevating memory to hold it still within the medium of wax. This age-old practice complements the timelessness of the imagery.

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