Into My Arms

Into My Arms, the transition piece from the Paths That Cross series to an as yet new, untitled series for the coming year. Tatum once again graced the studio for the inaugural image, a lighter palette, subtle textures, minimal props, leaving the mind to wander several directions.

Beneath the Southern Cross

Beneath the Southern Cross

Tatum was back for another session in Paths That Cross, for Beneath the Southern Cross, above, and Lo and Behold, below. A few more shots are planned with Tatum and Brittani returns shortly for her next chapter in the story before our preview show in May, to coincide with Artisphere.

Lo and Behold

New Project Underway


Have been inspired to start a new project to follow Another Time.  I have recently been back in the studio with several new (to me) models from Greenville and Athens, GA, and excited with what’s happening.


Paths That Cross will play several of my favorite themes but a new palette, collaborators, and treatment. Stay tuned for more.